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Carbon Steel Diaphragm Pressure Tanks For Well Water Systems 1.6MPa Pressure

Carbon Steel Diaphragm Pressure Tanks For Well Water Systems 1.6MPa Pressure

  • Carbon Steel Diaphragm Pressure Tanks For Well Water Systems 1.6MPa Pressure
Carbon Steel Diaphragm Pressure Tanks For Well Water Systems 1.6MPa Pressure
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shanghai China
Brand Name: Shenjiang
Certification: ISO BV SGS CE ASME
Model Number: SJ-2000-5
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: plywood packing for each tank
Delivery Time: 15 days after received payment
Payment Terms: D/A, D/P, L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 2000 sets one month
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Detailed Product Description
Material: Carbon Steel Pressure: 1.6 Mpa
Operating Temperature: 80 Degree Orientation: Vertical
Wall Thinkness: 8mm Height: 2741
Diameter: 1200mm
High Light:

pressure tank replacement


diaphragm water tank

1. Analysis of Pneumatic Volume of Diaphragm Pressure Tank for Fire Protection


As the initial fire flow from the diaphragm-type pressure tank supply, the pump flow only need to consider the system leakage or diaphragm-type pressure tank on the flow requirements, so the flow may be appropriate to choose a little smaller. For the fire hydrant system regulator pump flow to about less than one fire hydrant of the water, ≤ 5 L / s. Spray system The flow rate of the regulator pump is ≤ 1 L / s for less than one nozzle.



Comparison of two supercharging facilities


The system is simple and easy to operate, the system control is simple, to ensure the normal working conditions of the system is to choose a good performance of low-power pipeline pump, reliable relay open and stop device ; Power supply should ensure that the dual circuit and can automatically switch. The shortcomings of such pressurization methods are: for the pipe network leakage pressure fluctuations in the larger water supply system, pipeline pump start and stop frequently, equipment damage, high failure rate, increased energy consumption, thereby increasing operating costs. While fire safety is low.
Compared with the single pressurized system of pipeline pump, diaphragm pressure tank can not only adjust the volume (storage 30s indoor fire water), more importantly, the storage of energy. Regulator pump every time to start, you can maintain a long time pipe network pressure, the number of device starts less, low operating costs, the top of the pipe network is often in the state of water pressure, water supply safe and reliable. At the beginning of the fire, the diaphragm pressure tank not only to ensure that the top of several layers of fire hydrant and nozzle pressure requirements, but also to provide 30s indoor fire water (450L). That is, fire hydrant or nozzle at any time to meet the pressure requirements of the fire water, at this point diaphragm-type pressure tank significantly - better than booster pump. But the diaphragm pressure tank pressurization system also has shortcomings: equipment covers an area of ​​relatively large, one-time investment is relatively high.


Selection method of diaphragm type pressure tank


The above two kinds of pressurized facilities have their own strengths, in the specific project should be treated separately, choose the appropriate design. For a class of high-rise buildings and important buildings, the fire caused by the huge losses, high fire requirements, should try to use diaphragm-type pressure tank pressurization facilities to solve the pressure requirements of the top several layers, and the regulator should be set to spare pump to improve The use of the reliability of the two types of high-rise buildings and ordinary dangerous buildings, due to the site, capital and other conditions, may consider only the booster pump, but in the selection of booster pump products should ensure reliable quality.




Whether it is a regulator tank or booster pump, are provided for the initial fire hydrant and nozzle water pressure protection, and the success of the initial fire is the key to control the fire, the fire can be reduced to a minimum loss.
In summary, high-rise building high-level fire tank pressurization facilities should be designed according to specific engineering control specifications; booster pump flow, head and the total capacity of the regulator tank and other parameters should also be based on different conditions to determine , Rather than mechanical application, so meet the specifications, reliable operation, economic and reasonable.


2. Installation of diaphragm pressure tank


1. Diaphragm pressure water tank can be directly connected in parallel to the water supply pipe, water supply pipe should be installed on the bottom of the tank body to be installed sewage valve.
2. The room or place where the diaphragm pressure tank is to be installed shall be provided with drainage facilities, good lighting and ventilation, less dust in the environment, no corrosive gas and no freezing. Ambient temperature should be 5-40 ℃, air relative humidity should not be greater than 85%, water temperature does not exceed 60 ℃.
3. Diaphragm pressure water tank outdoor installation, there should be rain, sun and moisture-proof facilities, and there is no freezing in the cold season technical measures.
4. The distance from the top of the tank to the lowest point of the building structure shall not be less than 0.3m and the net distance between the tank wall and the wall shall not be less than 0.5m. The tank is forbidden to be strongly vibrated or impacted.
5. When used as a fire pressure or pressure water supply equipment, such as frequent pump start phenomenon, should be promptly check the tank gas pressure instructions.
6. The tank filled with gas can not contain oil to prevent the rubber diaphragm to accelerate aging.

3. Series products of diaphragm pressure tank


Our factory mainly engaged in diaphragm pressure tank products are: fire automatic constant pressure water supply equipment, fire pressure water supply equipment, fire pressurized pressure water supply equipment, fire foam fire fighting equipment, automatic water supply equipment, automatic no negative pressure direct DL, CDL, CDLF, LSG, LSW, QW, AS, QJ, LG, and other types of water pump. The water supply equipment, stainless steel, galvanized plate combined water supply equipment, High-quality product quality and after-sales service for the company won a good reputation.


4. Relevant introduction of nitrogen gas in diaphragm pressure tank


Shanghai diaphragm pressure tank manufacturers in the production of complete production of pressure tank shell, after installation of the airbag should be given to the diaphragm-type pressure tank pre-charge gas, the general manufacturers are mostly filled with compressed air; some manufacturers also filled with nitrogen, nitrogen relative to the air Said the cost is still relatively high, the nitrogen price depends on nitrogen purity, pressure, delivery mode. Industrial nitrogen and high purity nitrogen spread is very large; pressure level is also different; pipeline transportation and bottled gas is very different. The cheapest pipeline to transport industrial nitrogen as long as a few cents a cubic meter, the most expensive bottled ultra-high purity nitrogen about a few hundred dollars a cubic meter. So what is the benefit of the diaphragm pressure tank filling nitrogen?
1 The nitrogen is an inert gas, accounting for 78% of the volume of the air by the temperature increase caused by the volume expansion is very small changes in the summer nitrogen can stabilize the diaphragm pressure tank pressure, thereby reducing the occurrence of burst capsule;
2 The chemical properties of nitrogen is not active, the temperature change is not obvious, the summer tank wall does not condensation, will not produce condensate, so that the tank wall to keep dry and clean;
3 Nitrogen can make your diaphragm-type pressure tank for a long time to maintain the standard internal pressure on the pump equipment pipe network stability;
4 The water will be on your air pressure tank and air pressure tank wall caused by oxidative corrosion, nitrogen will protect your airbags and pressure tank will not corrosion and rust, so as to ensure better air tightness;
5 The density of the air will be the temperature of the larger impact, and nitrogen because of the exclusion of moisture makes your pressure tank pressure is more stable. Nitrogen in the metal nitriding treatment; cable production process of nitrogen protection; electronic products, medicine, petrochemical and other aspects of the application is abound.


5. Parameter

Diameter (mm) Pressure (MPA) Total Height (mm) Thickness (mm) Total Capacity (m3) Adjustable Volume (L) Outlet Diameter (mm)
400 1 1230 3.5 0.09 30 50
1.6 5 50
600 0.6 1720 3.5 0.32 90 50
1 4.5 50
1.6 7 50
800 0.6 2230 4 0.77 217 100
1 6 100
1.6 6 100
1000 0.6 2370 5 1.28 400 100
1 7 100
1.6 7 100
1200 0.6 2741 6 2.2 677 100
1 6 100
1.6 8 100
1400 0.6 2969 6 3.3 970 100
1 6 100
1.6 9 100


Carbon Steel Diaphragm Pressure Tanks For Well Water Systems 1.6MPa Pressure 0


Carbon Steel Diaphragm Pressure Tanks For Well Water Systems 1.6MPa Pressure 1

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