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Food Grade Rubber Diaphragm Pressure Tank Carbon Steel Material High Pressure

Food Grade Rubber Diaphragm Pressure Tank Carbon Steel Material High Pressure

  • Food Grade Rubber Diaphragm Pressure Tank Carbon Steel Material High Pressure
Food Grade Rubber Diaphragm Pressure Tank Carbon Steel Material High Pressure
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shanghai China
Brand Name: Shenjiang
Certification: ISO BV SGS CE ASME
Model Number: SJ-2000-44
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: plywood packing for each tank
Delivery Time: 15 days after received payment
Payment Terms: D/A, D/P, L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 2000 sets one month
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Detailed Product Description
Material: Carbon Steel Pressure: 1.0 MPa
Operating Temperature: 80 Degree Orientation: Vertical
Thickness: 7mm Diameter: 1000mm
Height: 2370mm Color: Red Or As Customer's Required
High Light:

bladder pressure tank


diaphragm water tank

1. Daily Use of Diaphragm Pressure Tank


Diaphragm pressure tank water supply equipment is the use of compressed air tension to water to the water point of the general water supply equipment. To meet all walks of life production, life needs of automatic water supply. Air pressure equipment from birth to the present, after manual control, mechanical and electrical control, electronic control, to the present computer automatic control, showing a strong vitality. With the enamel anti-corrosion technology, natural film and stainless steel and other new materials, air pressure water supply equipment more in line with people's environmental protection, energy-saving concept of life.


Compared with other diaphragm pressure tank water supply equipment, air pressure water supply equipment has a distinctive feature. Pneumatic water supply equipment is a water supply pressurized equipment, the installation location of the level is not restricted, unlike the high water tank (water tower) must be installed in the highest water point above. Pressure water supply equipment, high pressure package, no external pollution, the internal is not long moss. And the water supply pressure can be easily adjusted on the controller as needed. Unlike the height of the tank, the water pressure has been determined and can not be adjusted when the height is set. And every 10 meters increase in the water tank, in order to increase the pressure of 1 kg of water, when the need for large water pressure is often incompetent. The northern area of ​​the pressure tank is easy to deal with winter frost, but the high water tank winter is often unusable. Automatic water supply equipment to replace the high water tank (water tower) is an inevitable trend.


2. Maintenance Work of Diaphragm Pressure Tank


Diaphragm pressure tanks are usually used in water supply systems, and small pressure tanks can be installed on pipelines in the water supply system. The large pressure tank itself has a larger weight, and when it is running it is filled with water, so it is more important, it will put a huge pressure on the pipeline, causing damage to the pipeline.

Therefore, the user should install the pressure tank near the pipe, and then use a special hose to the pressure tank and the system pipe together. In order to improve the stability of the pressure tank, the user can use a special bracket to firmly fix the pressure tank on the ground, to avoid the location of the pressure tank to move.

The pressure tank should be fitted with a safety valve before use. Once the water supply system has a problem, the safety valve can protect the pressure tank and prevent the pressure tank from being damaged. Users also need to use accurate measuring instruments to test the pressure of the air tank airbag, the actual value of the pressure and the instructions should be on the value of almost.
If the user wants to use the pressure tank in a very special occasion, should be asked in advance of the manufacturers of pressure cans, only to understand the use of the pressure tank in the process of attention to what issues in order to more rational use of diaphragm-type pressure tank to improve the work effectiveness.

The pressure tank has been filled with air pressure before it is sold. If the user feels that the pressure of the pressure tank is too large, the air tank can be deflated. Users should pay attention to the pressure tank airbag can not touch the sharp appliances, or airbags can not be used.

Users should be based on actual needs to select the pressure tank model and size, size is not suitable for the pressure tank will cause some trouble to the user, affecting the use of pressure tank effect. Pressure tank and air conditioning, boilers, water heaters and other systems with the use, play a role in reducing system pressure, improve the stability of the system pressure.

Pneumatic tank in the use of the process to pay attention to what the problem? Every year the user needs to check the pressure of the diaphragm pressure tank, once the pressure does not meet the requirements, the user should immediately inflated the pressure tank. The user must use the pressure tank according to the operating temperature and precautions on the operating instructions. Pressure tank with a long time, the ball will be tightly attached to the tank wall above, to bring great inconvenience to the maintenance. After installing the new airbag, check that the bolts of the fixed airbag are loose.


3. Accessories


The use of diaphragm-type pressure tank, it will cause a lot of accidents. The following parts are essential products. Safety valve must exist. Safety valve must also include the joint box to take over, this is the safety valve full set of supplies. In addition, the pressure gauge is also necessary, it can test the pressure in the diaphragm pressure tank. Of course, the diaphragm-type pressure tank must also need to drain the valve and take over. In addition, bolts, nuts and gaskets are also essential accessories.

4. Our Advantages


1 Double-sided welding for all the connecting pipes
2 All the connecting pipes are sealed by plastic parts
3 Section design for the air inlet
4 Sewage valve with elbow design
5 Longitudinal seam, ring seam welding, double - sided submerged arc welding
6 Surface treatment: sandblasting , primer (2 times), finish


5. Description


Our diaphragm pressure tank maximum working pressure were 0.6mpa, 1.0mpa, 1.6 mpa. Fire storage capacity of more than 150L, 300L, 450L. The volume of regulated water is greater than 50L. For the fire hydrant system, the water gun per share flow of 2.5L / S, 5L / S, enrich the water column length of 7M, 10M, 13M. For automatic sprinkler system, each nozzle flow is 1.0L / s, nozzle pressure is 0.1MPA. The device can make the fire water supply pipe system the most unfavorable point to always maintain the fire pressure, and the use of air pressure tank always stored 30 seconds of fire water. The equipment uses the operating pressure set by the pressure water tank to control the pump operating conditions, to achieve the function of boost regulator.


6. Parameter

Diameter (mm) Pressure (MPA) Total Height (mm) Thickness (mm) Total Capacity (m3) Adjustable Volume (L) Outlet Diameter (mm)
400 1 1230 3.5 0.09 30 50
1.6 5 50
600 0.6 1720 3.5 0.32 90 50
1 4.5 50
1.6 7 50
800 0.6 2230 4 0.77 217 100
1 6 100
1.6 6 100
1000 0.6 2370 5 1.28 400 100
1 7 100
1.6 7 100
1200 0.6 2741 6 2.2 677 100
1 6 100
1.6 8 100
1400 0.6 2969 6 3.3 970 100
1 6 100
1.6 9 100

Food Grade Rubber Diaphragm Pressure Tank Carbon Steel Material High Pressure 0


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