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Green Color Air Compressor Storage Replacement Tank , Air Compressor Receiver Tank

Green Color Air Compressor Storage Replacement Tank , Air Compressor Receiver Tank

  • Green Color Air Compressor Storage Replacement Tank , Air Compressor Receiver Tank
Green Color Air Compressor Storage Replacement Tank , Air Compressor Receiver Tank
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shanghai China
Brand Name: Shenjiang
Certification: ISO BV SGS CE ASME
Model Number: SJ-2.0-1.0
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: plywood packing for each tank
Delivery Time: 15 days after received payment
Payment Terms: D/A, D/P, L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 2000 sets one month
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Detailed Product Description
Material: Carbon Steel Volume: 50 Liter
Pressure: 0.6 MPa Operating Temperature: 110 Degree
Orientation: Vertical Wall Thinkness: 5mm
Color: Green Or As Customer's Required
High Light:

air compressor replacement tank


compressed air accumulator tank

1. Company Profile
Shanghai Fengxian Equipment Vessel Factory was founded in 1982, and specializes in designing and manufacturing all kinds of pressure vessels. We have a high profile in the industry. And in 1998, we registered the brand of “Shen Jiang”. Our pressure vessels are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronic, automotive, power generation, mining, pharmaceutical and other industries. Look forward to the cooperation with you in the increasingly powerful of our company.
2.  The Wide Application of Gas Tanks


1. The machinery manufacturing industry: gas tank can reduce the number of frequent air compressor start. Not only can store compressed air, but also has a stable outlet pressure, buffer and other effects. It is commonly used in air compressor ancillary equipment.
2. The food industry: the main application is oil-free gas tank, used for filling machines, blow molding machines to provide power. Also play a pneumatic force transmission, pneumatic cooling, pneumatic spray and so on.
3. The textile industry: the main use of compressed air for air-jet looms, sizing machines, dyeing machine, roving machine, suction guns, etc. to provide clean gas power, the general use of oil-free gas tank.
4. The automotive industry: the tank is an indispensable part of the automotive industry. For example, the role of gas tank in the tire industry, including the promotion of silk curtain cutting machine, curing machine, etc., including pneumatic mixing, pneumatic molding and so on.
5. The electronics industry: This is a new industry, one of the wafer oxidation equipment, vacuum systems, pneumatic control valves, pneumatic handling equipment, etc. need to cooperate with the gas tank to complete the work.
6. The environmental engineering industry: the application of a wider range of gas storage industry, mainly for air pollution control, solid waste treatment, sewage treatment, etc.
7. The medical industry: the main application is the stainless steel gas tank, oxygen tank, medical equipment and equipment often supporting the equipment.
8. The steel industry: including instrument gas, power execution, equipment, cleaning, process assistance, etc., but also inseparable from a tank industry.
9. The power industry: the power industry: the role of gas tank, including pneumatic conveying, dry ash transport, pneumatic execution, and promote instrumentation equipment.

3. Our Advantages


1 Double-sided welding for all the connecting pipes
2 All the connecting pipes are sealed by plastic parts
3 Section design for the air inlet
4 Sewage valve with elbow design
5 Longitudinal seam, ring seam welding, double - sided submerged arc welding
6 Surface treatment: sandblasting , primer (2 times), finish

4. Standard Technology
Gas tank inspection of the technical more. Such standards include: product standards, process standards, material standards, materials, laboratory standards, material acceptance standards, parts standards, process quality testing standards. Rough statistics, about 20 more than our country. These standards are a series of technical parameters and standards for the quality and quality characteristics of the product, which is a measure of the quality of the product. In China, such standards, GB (GB), line standard (JBYB), and enterprise standards.
5. Structure Technology
The main load of the gas tank is the internal gas pressure, the wind load and the seismic action. Wind pressure should be considered in wind load. High-pressure spherical tank wind load body coefficient generally desirable 0.30 ~ 0.35. The horizontal seismic action of the wet tank includes the seismic force generated by the sink and the weight of each tower, and the hydrodynamic pressure caused by the vibration of the water in the tank. The horizontal seismic action of the dry tank includes the seismic force generated by the weight of the cylinder and the weight of the piston. Calculate the snow load to think about the eccentric moment caused by the local accumulation of snow in the top of the tank.
Shenjiang brand gas tank all kinds of standards are excellent.
6. Gas Tank Safety Precautions
A. Coated with a coating

Adhere to the tank Good proof of the working medium of the container body material is corrosive, can be painted, spray or plating and lining to stop, to prevent the media on the container corrosion.
Assuming that the coating is damaged, the working medium will directly contact the vessel wall to produce corrosion. To keep the coating intact, to always check whether the anti-self-contained, or in the loading and installation of the container when the attachment was scraped or crashed. Pay attention to check whether the lining cracking or welds can leak phenomenon. Found that the tank corrosion layer damage, it should be promptly after the repair to continue to use.

B. Elimination of chemical corrosion elements

Only in a certain conditions will be on the tank body material chemical corrosion, to try to eliminate this can cause the gas tank chemical corrosion elements.
Such as oxygen-filled gas tank, often due to oxygen with more water in the bottom of the container water, constitute water and oxygen interface serious corrosion. To prevent such local corrosion, it is best to monopolize oxygen, or in the container during the operation of the container often discharge the water.
The alkali crust of the steel container is caused by the concentration and enrichment of the alkaline solution under abnormal conditions (including equipment and process conditions). Therefore, the pressure vessel containing dilute alkali in the medium must take measures to eliminate the possibility of producing dilute alkali Concentrated conditions, such as the acceptance of leakage, the container wall rough or the presence of rust and other porous substances.
In the process of pressure vessel operation, to eliminate the pressure vessel drip, run leaking not only waste of raw materials and energy, pollution of the working environment, but also often constitute the pressure vessel equipment corrosion, serious will cause container damage.

C. Maintain the gas tank during deactivation

The theory proves that many gas tank accidents are caused by neglect of maintenance during the suspension operation. In a sense, a poorly maintained gas tank during the deactivation period is faster than the normal use of the container, which is due to the fact that the deactivation of the pressure vessel is not only corroded by the remaining medium in the container, Was corrosive by the atmosphere. In the atmosphere, the water is not saturated with water to a certain temperature, the water vapor will be condensed from the air into a water film to cover the surface of the tank. Assuming that the metal surface is rough or the surface is attached with dust, dirt, or damage to the coating, water vapor is more likely to precipitate and accumulate at these parts of the tank. Nitrogen, oxygen and other gas impurities in the air and sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen chloride, etc. can be dissolved in the water film to form electrolyte solution, which has the conditions of electrochemical corrosion. The conditions that affect the corrosion are the atmospheric temperature and humidity first, followed by the impurity composition and its content in the air, the chemical composition of the tank wall material, the roughness of the wall surface of the container, and the contamination.

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