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0.6 MPa Pressure Diaphragm Pressure Tank Galvanized Stainless Steel High Volume

0.6 MPa Pressure Diaphragm Pressure Tank Galvanized Stainless Steel High Volume

  • 0.6 MPa Pressure Diaphragm Pressure Tank Galvanized Stainless Steel High Volume
0.6 MPa Pressure Diaphragm Pressure Tank Galvanized Stainless Steel High Volume
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shanghai China
Brand Name: Shenjiang
Certification: ISO BV SGS CE ASME
Model Number: SJ-2000-49
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: plywood packing for each tank
Delivery Time: 15 days after received payment
Payment Terms: D/A, D/P, L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 2000 sets one month
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Detailed Product Description
Material: Stainless Steel Pressure: 0.6 MPa
Operating Temperature: 80 Degree Orientation: Vertical / Horizontal
Thickness: 6mm Diameter: 1200mm
Height: 2741mm Color: Blue Or As Customer's Required
High Light:

bladder pressure tank


pressure tank replacement

1. Daily Use of Diaphragm Pressure Tank


Diaphragm pressure tank water supply equipment is the use of compressed air tension to water to the water point of the general water supply equipment. To meet all walks of life production, life needs of automatic water supply. Air pressure equipment from birth to the present, after manual control, mechanical and electrical control, electronic control, to the present computer automatic control, showing a strong vitality. With the enamel anti-corrosion technology, natural film and stainless steel and other new materials, air pressure water supply equipment more in line with people's environmental protection, energy-saving concept of life.


2. Features


Diaphragm pressure tank is composed of steel shell, rubber diaphragm composed of energy storage devices. The rubber diaphragm separates the water chamber from the air chamber. The air in the tank is compressed when the outside pressure water is filled into the liner of the diaphragm type water tank. According to the Boyle gas law, the gas is compressed and the volume becomes smaller, the pressure rises and the energy is stored. The compressed gas can expand the water inside the rubber diaphragm from the tank. Such as fire pressure water supply equipment mainly by the fire main pump, regulator pump, fire control tank, pressure sensor, high volume pressure control equipment, intelligent control cabinet and other components. The main pressure components for the capsule pressure tank, the tank filled with food-grade rubber capsules, extracorporeal inflatable phlegm, the capsule and the water system connected to both the water to prevent the wall of the device can also make the water pollution, but also Effectively eliminate water hammer phenomenon. The impact of the fire pump on the pipe network.


3. The Causes of the Diaphragm Air Pressure Capsule Damage


Diaphragm type pressure tank is made of steel shell, rubber diaphragm composed of energy storage devices. The rubber diaphragm completely separates the water chamber and the air chamber. When the outside pressure water is filled into the liner of the diaphragm type air tank, the air sealed in the tank is compressed and the volume of the gas is compressed and the pressure is increased. Energy, compressed gas expansion can be rubber within the diaphragm pressure out of the tank.

We may sometimes encounter diaphragm-type pressure tank instability situation, usually, the problem is likely to be because the tank airbag is damaged, need to replace the new airbag.

The main reason for the damage of the diaphragm is the problem of the air pressure in the diaphragm. Some new pressure tank to the site site, no one care, on the random storage, may cause the inflatable mouth was deliberately unscrewed. Also in the installation process, there is no intention to drain the gas. And some of the original quality of the airbag was poor, the tank wall weld on the leak, and so installed, the pump a dozen water pressure, the gas gave the basic squeeze. At this time the jar formed a water reservoir, did not play the role of regulation.

Reveal a replacement diaphragm tips: for good diaphragms, be sure to tighten the upper and lower bolts, according to the diaphragm pressure tank pressure and the pressure of the pump to choose a balance point value. And then inflated, after the replacement of air pressure tank air bag with soap and water in the bolt mouth and weld repeatedly smear, check to see if it leaks.


4. Selection Recommendations for Diaphragm Pressure Tank, Fire Booster Regulator Equipment


1. The diaphragm pressure tank fire boost pressure regulator system is better than the home type. On the home with a booster pump head low, the choice of air pressure tank inflatable pressure is small, large volume of regulated water, will reduce the construction costs and booster pump operating costs. But on the home-style isolation, noise reduction problems.
2. Although the total volume of the diaphragm can be smaller, but increased the booster pump power consumption, booster pump efficiency will be reduced.
3. With pressurized and pressurized equipment, fire water supply system, the fire process is actually by the high water tank, boost regulator equipment, fire pump common burden. In the event of a fire, the boost regulator system will alarm quickly and start the fire pump. So that the role of the high water tank is only to meet the pressurized water pump on the water tank of the water, and lost the temporary high pressure fire water supply system in the role of high water tank. Its volume can be reduced worth exploring.
4. Calculate the value of the absolute value of pressure, equipment selection is the use of gauge pressure, should pay attention to conversion.
5. Architectural design for the convenience of overhaul Diaphragm pressure tank pressurized pressure regulator equipment, often set two high water tank, the design should take measures to ensure that the fire boost regulator equipment can always work properly. If the high water tank for the fire, life sharing, pay attention to the booster pump suction pipe should be located below the fire water level.
6. In the design of high-rise building fire, the static pressure of the fire protection system should take into account the head of the regulator pump. If the height of the building (between the basement and the high water tank) plus the head of the regulator pump exceeds /% m, the fire system partition Water supply.
7. Diaphragm type pressure tank fire booster regulator can be used as non-self-absorption with a bottom valve fire water pump water supply device, the regulator device outlet should be connected to the fire pump outlet to check the pipe between the pipe, so that To ensure that the fire pump at any time to start.


5. Analysis of Pneumatic Volume of Diaphragm Pressure Tank for Fire Protection


Whether it is a regulator tank or booster pump, are provided for the initial fire hydrant and nozzle water pressure protection, and the success of the initial fire is the key to control the fire, the fire can be reduced to a minimum loss.
In summary, high-rise building high-level fire tank pressurization facilities should be designed according to specific engineering control specifications; booster pump flow, head and the total capacity of the regulator tank and other parameters should also be based on different conditions to determine , Rather than mechanical application, so meet the specifications, reliable operation, economic and reasonable.


6. Parameter


Diameter (mm) Pressure (MPA) Total Height (mm) Thickness (mm) Total Capacity (m3) Adjustable Volume (L) Outlet Diameter (mm)
400 1 1230 3.5 0.09 30 50
1.6 5 50
600 0.6 1720 3.5 0.32 90 50
1 4.5 50
1.6 7 50
800 0.6 2230 4 0.77 217 100
1 6 100
1.6 6 100
1000 0.6 2370 5 1.28 400 100
1 7 100
1.6 7 100
1200 0.6 2741 6 2.2 677 100
1 6 100
1.6 8 100
1400 0.6 2969 6 3.3 970 100
1 6 100
1.6 9 100


0.6 MPa Pressure Diaphragm Pressure Tank Galvanized Stainless Steel High Volume 0

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